NSC Fall Export 2022

Nano-Structured Coatings (NSC) Company, designer and manufacturer of vacuum deposition systems based on physical vapor deposition method (PVD), has experienced a prosperous global trade through export of over 30 coating devices to different countries around the world. Desktop sputter and carbon coater with rotary pump (DSCR) and with turbomolecular pump (DSCT) are among the most frequent export items.

Moreover, desk sputter coater (DSR1), triple target sputter coater with thermal evaporator (DST3-T), desk carbon coater with rotary (DCR) and turbo pump (DCT), and desktop thermal evaporator (DTT) are the exported products of NSC in the fall to US, Russia, China, South Korea, Germany, Netherland, Belarus, and Egypt.

NSC provides different optional features on its products to meet the customer demands, such as plasma cleaner, RF sputtering power source, substrate heater, and bias voltage. Also, a new production, desktop sputter coater with thermal evaporator for glove box (DST2-TG) with Wi-Fi connection to PC, has successfully designed and installed at Oxford University.

Our New Product

NSC DST2-TG 3000px