2023 Summer Exports of NanoStructured Coatings

NanoStructured Coatings Co. (NSC), designer and manufacturer of vacuum coating systems, has exported more than 20 vacuum coaters as sputter coaters, carbon coaters, and thermal evaporators to different countries around the world in the 2023 summer. NSC, working with global distributors and providing proper after-sale services and support, has exported different vacuum coating machines to England, China, Russia, Canada, Spain, Germany, and Cheque.

Vacuum coating systems working based on the physical vapor deposition (PVD) method for creating thin films are utilized in many applications, such as the fabrication of solar cells, thin film sensors, micro/nano-electronic devices, and electron microscope sample preparation. Sputtering and thermal evaporation are common PVD methods used in NSC sputter coaters, carbon coaters, and thermal evaporators, which are capable of coating a wide range of materials, with nanometer-precision thickness measurement, automatic deposition, and a touch-screen panel. NSC’s innovative vacuum coaters are proper devices for research centers and universities around the world.

NSC Vacuum Coating Systems

DSR1 and DST1-170 single cathode, low and high-vacuum sputtering systems, and DST3 triple-cathode sputter coater together with thermal evaporator (DST3-T) are the season favorite sputter coaters. Also, DCR low-vacuum carbon coater and hybrid sputter and carbon coaters DSCR and DSCT, almost utilized as SEM coaters and electron microscope sample preparation have been among the best-selling NSC products. DTT thermal evaporator with three thermal sources, enabling deposition of different compounds and alloying, is also one of the exported models.

Some of Our Vacuum Coating Systems

Sputter Coater

NSC DST1-170 Full Face Products Page

Carbon Coater

Sputter/Carbon Coater

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