Nano-Structured Coatings Company Fall 2023 Exports

NSC Company, as a designer and manufacturer of vacuum coating systems, has exported a wide range of coating devices to various countries like Indonesia and South Korea. The exported products include low and high vacuum sputter coaters and carbon coaters, along with pulsed laser deposition system.

The low-vacuum DSR1 sputter coater, DCR carbon coater, and DSCR, the hybrid sputter and carbon coater have been among the most practical and frequently exported NSC products commonly utilized for sample preparation for electron microscopy (EM).

Besides, NSC high-vacuum carbon coater (DCT) and hybrid sputter and carbon coater (DSCT) are favorite exported thin film coating devices for deposition of amorphous carbon or fine-grain size oxidizing/non oxidizing metal films for high-resolution characterizations.

Advanced NSC vacuum coaters for research purposes, such as triple target sputter coaters (DST3) with thermal evaporator (DST3-T), double target desk sputter coater and thermal evaporator for glove box integration (DST2-TG), and pulsed laser deposition system with thermal evaporator (PLD-T) are also exported.

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