NSC DST2-TG | Double Target Turbo Pumped Sputter Coater and Thermal Evaporator for Glove Box Use

The DST2-TG, Double Target Turbo Pumped Sputter Coater and Thermal Evaporator for Glove Box Use, is a multi-vacuum coater system that combines thermal evaporator and sputter coater in one single compact desktop system with remote system control through a Wi-Fi connection, controllable by both touch screen and PC. The high vacuum system is suitable for the deposition of a wide range of materials. Double magnetron target desk sputter coater can easily switch between evaporation and sputtering deposition for the preparation of multilayer coatings.

Glove box systems provide a protected environment for sensitive material, preventing any contact with air or humidity and unwanted interactions. DST2-TG high-vacuum coating system with glove box offers safe and clean substrate handling before or after a deposition process under inert gas atmosphere, and a highly controllable chamber environment, contributing to high purity thin layer deposition under high vacuum conditions.

NSC Product DST2-TG


The DST2-TG, Magnetron Desk Sputter Coater, is equipped with a large chamber (300 mm diameter) and two 2” diameter water-cooled cathodes which make it suitable for long-time deposition. The DST2-TG is a single platform for sputtering, carbon fiber, and metal evaporation. The desk sputter coater for glove box can sputter semiconductors, dielectrics, and metal targets. Sputtering cathodes and thermal evaporation boats could be installed together or interchangeably, with an overall three deposition sources accessible. Carbon deposition is also made possible by utilizing carbon fiber.

NSC Product DST2-TG All Chamber Square without Frame Grey Big Border

This high-precision vacuum coating system is semi/fully automated, equipped with a 7” colored touch-screen panel using user-friendly software to control and adjust the deposition process data. The panel window is also made available on pc through a Wi-Fi connection. The vacuum and coating sequence information can be observed as digital data or curves on the touch screen and the last 300 coatings are saved on the history page.

NSC Product DST2-TG Touch Screen Square without Frame Grey Big Border

The sputter coater and thermal evaporator for glove box can be equipped with optional facilities including:

  • RF power supply with an auto-adjustable matching box which minimizes the reflected power in the RF sputtering process
  • Plasma cleaner for removing organic matter from the substrate surface before thin film deposition 
NSC Product DST2-TG Inner Chamber Square Without Frame Grey Big Border

Features of DST2-TG

Hardware Specifications

  • Combination of sputter coater and thermal evaporator for glovebox mounting
  • Built-in turbomolecular pump
  • Large chamber: Dia. 30 cm, Height. 20-25 cm
  • Easy and quick target installation: No target holder needed
  • Boosted heat conduction utilizing targets with backing plate
  • Rotating sample holder
  • Glovebox mounted KF40 feedthroughs for power supplies (DC, RF, high current), vacuum pump hose, water cooling and argon/reactive gas connections, and electrical connections.
  • Gas injection control through MFCs
  • Two-precision quartz crystal thickness sensors


  • Semi-Fully automatic coating process (optional)
  • Ability to rapidly enter and store deposition process data
  • Controlling the deposition process from pc through a Wi-Fi connection
  • Storing coating recipes for repeatable depositions
  • Electronic shutters
  • Automated cathode selection

Optional Facilities

  • RF sputtering for deposition of non-conducting targets (optional)
  • Plasma cleaner (optional)

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