PLD – T is a high vacuum thin film deposition system enables to deposit different materials by both Pulsed Laser Deposition and so thermal evaporation technique. It can deposit complex materials and crystalline structures onto substrates with very little setup involved.

Pulsed Laser Deposition technique leads to efficient, none-thermal ablation and preserves the stoichiometry of the target materials. By applying this method it could deposit materials such as nitrides, oxides, super lattices, polymers, composites. 

Target Manipulator

PLD – T is equipped with a multi-target manipulator which includes three targets with diameter of 2 cm. Targets are in standard size. All of our target manipulators are motorized and includes target rotation.

Thermal evaporation sources (Boat / Basket / Coil)

The PLD – T can be fitted with three independent heat resistance thermal evaporation sources. The good design of the evaporation source holder causes no contamination transfer from sources materials to other materials. The length of source holders can be adjusted in the range of 5~10 cm which meets the costumer requirement.

Touch Screen Control

PLD is equipped with a 7” colored touch screen and full automatic control and data input that can be operated by even inexperienced users. The vacuum, current and deposition information can be observed as digital data or curves on the touch screen. Information of the last 300 coating can also be saved in the history page.

monitor PLD


  • High vacuum turbo pump
Pumping Speed 90 l/s 350 l/s
Ultimate Pressure 7 x10-6 Torr 7 x10-7 Torr
  • Two stage rotary backing pump
  • Full range vacuum measuring gauge
  • 5 KW High current power supply
  • Precision Mass Flow meter (MFC)
  • Able to record and plot coating parameters graphs
  • Transfers the curves and deposition process data by USB port to PC
  • Utilities: 220V-240V, 50/60HZ- 16A
  • Box Dimensions: 50 cm H x 60 cm W x 47 cm D
  • Shipping weight: 70 kg

Options and Accessories

  • Thermal evaporation sources (Boat, Basket, and Coil)
  • 500 °C substrate heater
  • Evaporation sources materials
  • Quartz crystal sensors
  • Sealing gaskets

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