NanoStructured Coatings in Iran Lab Expo 2024

NanoStructured Coatings Company, pioneer designer and manufacturer of advanced vacuum coating systems, welcomes participants in the 11th Iran Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals, and Advanced Testing Equipment Exhibition (Iran Lab Expo 2024) at booth 18, Persian Gulf Hall.

Iran Lab Expo 2024

The annual Iran laboratory Equipment and Chemicals, and Advanced Testing Equipment Exhibition (Iran Lab Expo) will be held at Tehran International Permanent Fairground on January 2-5, 2024, to present domestic technological products and services in various sections such as petroleum, electronics, and construction industry, as well as biomaterials, environment, chemistry, physics, and laboratory equipment. NanoStructured Coatings (NSC) Company, a manufacturer of various high-quality research-grade coating devices and SEM coaters for electron microscope sample preparation will be present in this exhibition and welcome participants.

NSC in Iran Lab Expo 2024

NSC Company with more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing vacuum deposition systems based on physical vapor deposition (PVD) method, such as sputter coaters, carbon coaters, thermal evaporators, and hybrid coating systems, presents a wide range of products at the 11th Iran laboratory equipment and chemicals exhibition. NSC offers various options and tailor-made coating systems to meet its customers’ demands, which are typically high-ranked universities and research centers.

NSC products conforming to CE certification and industrial design, capable of performing full-automatic, high-precision depositions, have been extensively exported to numerous countries through its worldwide distribution network.

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