NSC 2022 Winter Export News

Nano-Structured Coatings Co. (NSC) vacuum coaters have been exported to various countries during 2022 winter.

About 30 models of NSC productions, including DSR1 and DST1 desktop sputter coaters in low and high vacuum, low and high vacuum carbon coaters DCR and DCT, best-selling dual sputter/carbon coater for low and high vacuum coating DSCR and DSCT are exported to USA, Russia, South Korea, Egypt, and Algeria. Our all-inclusive coaters with triple (angled or straight) cathode and thermal evaporator (optional) (DST3-A and DST3-S) have also been exported to Germany, Russia, and the USA and successfully installed and operated.

NSC is the designer and manufacturer of vacuum coaters using different methods, such as sputtering, thermal evaporation, and pulsed laser deposition. Our products enable semi/full automatic coating and are supplied with a touch screen, user-friendly software, and a programmable coating process.

The NSC products can be custom-built and made according to the specifications of the user. NSC also offers several additional features for the products, such as plasma cleaner, substrate heater and bias voltage, to create different thin film structures for numerous applications.

Some of Our Vacuum Coating Systems

Sputter Coater

Carbon Coater

Sputter/Carbon Coater