NSC Spring 2023 Exports

Nano-Structured Coatings (NSC) Company has exported several vacuum coating machines as sputter coaters, thermal evaporators, and carbon coaters to different destinations around the world. Desk sputter coater DSR1, low and high vacuum desk carbon coaters DCR and DCT, low and high vacuum desk sputter/carbon coaters DSCR and DSCT, small and large chamber thermal evaporators DTE and DTT, and angled triple-cathode sputter coaters DST3-A have been shipped to universities and research centers in Britain, Portugal, Australia, Spain, Austria, India, and Egypt and installed successfully.

Dual sputter/carbon coaters DSCR and DSCT are the best-selling products among the NSC SEM coaters suitable for electron microscope sample preparation as DSR1, DCR, and DCT.

NSC Company as a distributor/designer and manufacturer of vacuum coating systems based on the physical vapor deposition (PVD) method permanently improves the quality and functionality of its products persistently, supported by highly talented engineers and technicians. The high-quality products and after-sale services provided by the NSC have satisfied customers worldwide.

Some of Our Vacuum Coating Systems

Sputter Coater

Carbon Coater

Sputter/Carbon Coater

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