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Nano-Structured Coatings Co. in China Iran House of Innovation and Technology

Nano-Structured Coatings Company, as one of the companies active in the field of nanotechnology in Iran, has been introduced in the book of China Iran House of Innovation and Technology. China Iran House of Innovation and Technology is a technology exchange platform designed to create a comprehensive strategic framework for cooperation between Iran and China and is supported by the Iran Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

The missions of this house are facilitating the cooperation in the field of development and research, technology exchange, business negotiations between companies and institutions of both countries to register patents and acquire certificates, setting up the branches of Iranian high-tech companies in China, and facilitating the presence of Iranian companies in China exhibitions and vice versa.

For this purpose, China Iran Innovation and Technology House publishes a book to introduce the knowledge-based export products of Iran and the export of Iranian products to China. The house introduces this book in its online meetings, conferences, and in its marketing activities.

The initial version of this book has been sent to more than 1000 centers in China, including specialized partners in each field, industrial parks, centers related to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The book will be a great opportunity for Iranian companies to introduce their products and technologies to Chinese investors, companies, and collections.

The first edition of the book includes information from 26 Iranian companies in the fields of nanotechnology, medical equipment, medicine, and medicinal plants, information technology, artificial intelligence, industrial machinery, laboratory equipment, water and wastewater treatment, and paint and coating.

Nano-Structured Coatings Company

Nano-Structured Coatings Company (NSC) with more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing various types of vacuum coating systems is one of the pioneers in this field in Iran and the first edition of this book named it as one of the active companies in the field of nanotechnology in Iran.

In addition, Nano-Structured Coatings Co. started by employing trained specialists in various fields such as physics, mechanics, and electronics and to provide the equipment needed by Iranian researchers. In a short time, the company was able to build a variety of vacuum coating systems such as sputter coater, carbon coater, thermal evaporation, and coating with the pulsed laser. The company, by being a leader in manufacturing various types of desktop models of vacuum coating systems in Iran, as well as improving the continuous quality of products, has succeeded in establishing its position and gaining a major share of the Iranian market in the particular field.

Furthermore, the nano-structured coatings company, with its full knowledge of the existing global capacities and with the approach of entering the international markets as the first Iranian company in this field, obtained international certificates of quality management system and product compliance with EU standards in 2013. As a result, the company was able to obtain a license for its products to enter global markets.

Now, NSC is the largest manufacturer of desktop vacuum coating equipment in the Middle East, and its products, especially single cathode sputter coater – DSR1 and carbon coater – DCR, are used to prepare electron microscope and microanalysis samples which have met with global acclaim and have been exported worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia, Portugal, Italy, China, and Estonia.

The company’s products are sputter coaters, carbon coaters, thermal evaporator and pulsed laser deposition system. Sputtering coaters include SEM Sputter Coater DSR1 and DST1 (DST1-170 and DST1-300), Triple Target Sputter Coaters DST3 and DST3-T and Sputter Coaters with Carbon Coater DSCR and DSCT or (DSCT-T and DSCR-300).

In addition, Carbon Coaters DCR and DCT, Thermal Evaporator – DTT, and Pulsed Laser Deposition System – PLD are other products of NSC. To download the book of export products of China Iran House of Innovation and Technology, refer to the following link, and to visit the products of Nano-Structured Coatings Company, visit the company’s website.

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