Iran Nano 2022

The 13th International Nanotechnology Exhibition will be held on October 1st -4th, in the international permanent fairground, Tehran, Iran. This exhibition/festival is envisioned to develop nanotechnology in different aspects through the presence of universities, research centers, technology providers and companies. Nano-structured Coatings Co. will be present in this exhibition as one of the innovative providers of nanotechnology related laboratory instruments.

This upcoming event is a comprehensive platform for active companies in the field of nanotechnology to demonstrate their latest achievements, leading to establish stronger network between business players and improve cooperation among them at national, regional and international level.

The aims of this prestigious event can refer to are listed below:

  • Investigate potential research and industrial capabilities in nanotechnology
  • Supporting university-industry cooperation
  • Highly developed nanotechnologies influence on industry
  • Supporting nano-related companies in the international markets
  • Promoting public knowledge in nanotechnology
  • Appreciation of best nanotechnology products

Festival Parts

Active institution will be present in the festival in three forms:

  • Promotional institutions like academic societies and educational institutions
  • Scientific centers, including universities, research and incubator centers
  • Industrial companies active in 12 pavilions including: energy and petroleum, health and medicine, water and environment, agriculture, paint and coatings, civil and construction, nanomaterials, textile, laboratory instruments, optics and electronics, automotives and industrial machinery.

Nano-structured Coatings, active in designing and manufacturing vacuum deposition of nano-structured coatings, will be present in this exhibition as one the nanotechnology-related laboratory instrument providers.

About the Festival

Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC), established in 2003, is the main organizer of the Iran Nano 2022 festival and exhibition as the national center for developing nanoscience and nanotechnology in Iran.

This exhibition was first held on 2008, to investigate the potential research and industrial capabilities and promote public knowledge in nanotechnology. Iran Nano is annual event holding every year to develop nanotechnology with the presence of national and international technology providers. The 13th Iran Nano exhibition will continue holding online afterward. 

Nano-structured Coatings Co.

Nano-structured Coatings Co. (NSC) is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing high quality, reliable vacuum deposition systems for universities and research centers for over 20 years. In 2012, NSC obtained ISO 9001-2008 CE certificate for Desktop Sputtering System. NSC managed to produce high quality products to obtain the certificate of conformity of the product with the standards of European Union in 2013, allowing it to extend the market for its products and to grow the business further.

NSC vacuum deposition systems utilizing techniques including magnetron sputtering, carbon evaporation, physical vapor deposition and pulsed laser deposition. Sputtering and carbon coating systems in low vacuum (DSR1 and DSCR) with rotary pump and high vacuum (DST1 and DSCT) equipped with turbo molecular pump, are widely used in SEM sample preparation. Triple-cathode magnetron sputtering (DST3), with optional thermal evaporation system (DST3-T), RF sputtering and plasma treatment, provide wide range of capabilities for researchers in the field of thin films. For more information, visit our website.