2022 summer export of VacCoat Ltd.

Nano-Structured Coatings Co. has exported a wide range of its productions during 2022 summer into the international market. Among the most frequent export items to be mentioned are desktop carbon coater (DCR), magnetron sputter and carbon fiber coater (DSCT-F), desk sputter coater (DSR1), high vacuum magnetron sputter coater (DST1), and triple target sputter coater (DST3) with thermal evaporation option (DST3-T), which have exported to numerous research centers in countries like USA, Poland and Japan.

NSC is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing vacuum coating systems including sputter coaters, carbon coaters, thermal evaporation systems, and pulsed laser deposition systems to create conductive, semi-conductive, and ceramic thin films. Thin films, nowadays, are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries, medical engineering, energy harvesting, optics, photonics etc.

NSC provides a wide range of options for sputter coating systems, including thermal evaporation, plasma treatment, crystal quartz thickness measurement, carbon fiber/rod evaporation and RF sputtering of insulating targets. High quality and user friendly design are some of the most attractive factors for the customers from different universities and research centers.

One of the most common applications of PVD systems is sample preparation for electron microscopy, which has led Nano-Structured Coatings Company to develop high precision coatings systems. For more information please visit our website.